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The Unsuitable - LGBTQ Stories

Jan 29, 2020

Tammy did was most women who grew up in the 80's, she left school, got married, had kids and lived happily ever after.

Well at least that what she thought was going to happen. At 30, Tammy had her 3rd son and it was not long after that she started to feel "different." Tammy started to see women differently but with no real understanding about what that was she continued to focus on being a mum and running her business.

It was another 10 years before Tammy knew she couldn't keep up the charade any longer and in June 2013, Tammy moved out of the family home straight into the arms of a girl 13 years her junior.

That relationship didn't go the distance however Tammy has found her soulmate in Stacey and will be married later this year.

Join us as Tammy shares her story, that is all too familiar with a lot of people 

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