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The Unsuitable - LGBTQ Stories

Jul 17, 2019

Remove the content on your social media or lose your job!

This is what Kim Sheehy was told when she started a new job as a music teacher in a Catholic School.

Kim grew up in the country town of Maclean in Northern NSW. 

After her appearance on The Voice in 2016, Kim settled in Sydney NSW and secured a job as a music teacher in a Catholic School.

Tired of living a lie, Kim left the Catholic School and started work at a public high school where she could be her authentic self, a lesbian woman in a loving relationship.

Kim recently appeared on The Voice All Stars and thrilled Australians with her amazing voice. Kim shares what life was like growing up in a country town and what The Voice has done for her confidence and growth, both as a person and a musician.

Kim has some exciting plans for the future and you can hear them first on The Unsuitable.

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