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The Unsuitable - LGBTQ Stories

Oct 7, 2020

Alli and Ebony have a story that has tested their relationship and saw them come out stronger than ever with a passion to help others going through mental health challenges.

Alli identifies as gay and Ebony identifies as bi sexual. In this episode we will hear both their coming out stories and how that impacted their lives as well as the turbulent time they had when Ebony had some serious struggles with her mental health.

This is a story of love and courage that has resulted in Alli and Ebony starting a charity called The Good Fight. The Good Fight.

The Good Fight mission is to have a society where mental health is no longer stigmatised. By launching a clothing brand that sparks conversation, and having the profits donated to funding vital research, the goal is to one day rid the world of mental health conditions. By wearing the apparel it shows that you are a supporter of people who suffer mental health conditions and are there for someone to talk to when they are in need... and sometimes, that is just enough to save a life.

Check out the girls charity and support them in "The Good Fight"


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