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The Unsuitable - LGBTQ Stories

Nov 16, 2022

Alex identifies as a lesbian and has a wonderful relationship with her partner Jackie. Alex attended an all girls Catholic School run by Opus Dei. Alex enjoyed school and her faith, so much, that she made the decision at 16 to become a numerary. This is where things went sour for Alex. Made to wear a cilice (metal spiked chain) for an hour a day around her leg as a form of self harm and referred to as mortification of the flesh, sleep on a blanket for a mattress, sleep without a pillow, take cold showers and regularly use a flagellum (small whip) on oneself is all part of the corporal mortification that is expected of all numeraries within Opus Dei.

Alex became close to an older numerary who would often invite Alex into her bed especially during a time when Alex was suffering deep depression and mental health problems as a result of living in the Opus Dei homes and working toward becoming a numerary. Alex had always considered herself heterosexual as homosexuality was a sin and not something she would have ever considered, however all that changed when she left the Opus Dei sect in Sydney and headed to Spain where she discovered amongst other things, AFL and teams filled with lesbian women. Tune in as Alex shares her fascinating story that will have you captivated and shock you all at the same time.

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