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The Unsuitable - LGBTQ Stories

Nov 23, 2022

Growing up in the housing area of the western suburbs of Brisbane in the 60’s, Jen spent a large portion of her youth trying to be the peacemaker in a family that was filled with physical violence at the hands of her dad. Always the tomboy, Jen tapped into what she describes as the “masculine side” in order to combat the physical violence at home.

At 17 Jen decided to join the Army as a means of escaping from the family situation and in doing so, found a career path that she loved and could see herself progressing in for many years to come. Sadly, this all came to an abrupt end when the powers to be in the Army harassed her to the point of no return.

As a result, Jen never did pursue a career in the Army however this did not define her and she went on to live a full and eventful life in Naturopathy that saw her traveling the world as a speaker and author.

Jen is an avid podcaster and shares many helpful tips on how to live a healthier life via her podcast, Healthy Life Hacks. Link can be found below in the show notes.

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