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The Unsuitable - LGBTQ Stories

Jul 31, 2019

Sam Badrice is living a life filled with self love and a passion for helping others through body dysphoria and choosing to live a life of authenticity.

But it wasn't always this way. Sam was born in the body of Sarah, a body that just never felt right. Always awkward and uncomfortable and never really understanding why. 

Body dysphoria is real and it is soul crushing for those experiencing it. Sam hit a low point in his early 20's where in his own words he said 

"if I don't do something about my identity and start to live life as my authentic self, I will end up in a box"

Harrowing words for a person in the prime of their life, but sadly these are words that many can relate to.

Sam has been blessed with an understanding and supportive family that have been by his side through his transition and continue to support and love the man he has become.

Sam shares with us the timeline of how he came to the realisation he was born into the wrong body and the process that lead to his transition to become a proud transman.

If you or anyone you know needs further information check out the links below, you are not alone! 

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